Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hello!! Wow,it's been awhile since I posted anything in here!! I will try to post every now and then!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Vacation II

Follow this link if interested to read.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back to Reality

We're back from vacation since three weeks ago but I've been trying to catch up with work, classes, household chores and jetlag! Two weeks of vacation was so short, by the time our body was adjusted to the Philippine time it was time to say bye- bye!
So here's a boring take on what happened during our two week vacation.

And the Saga Continues..

Prior to our trip, hubs and I were so stressed about J's passport's delay. A day prior to the trip we were able to breathe as we got it finally in the mail. On the day of our flight from our local airport, I told hubs that we need to be there early. As per our itinerary from the travel agent flight time was 1245 pm and we were there 1130 am. As I got off from the truck and unloaded some luggages, I saw a plane up in the air and I thought to myself, "Hope that's not our flight!" Calmly, I started bringing in our luggages inside the terminal and I was surprised to see that no one was there except us and a NW employee by the counter. So again, I looked at the time in our itinerary and it clearly said 1245, I double checked the time to see if we weren't late. Everything was okay, so still calm I went to the counter and I asked for some tags and he asked if we were there for the pm flight and I said yes, coz to me 1245 is technically pm already. So after I was done writing our names and address and tagging our bags, I went ahead to check in. As I handed our itinerary, the NW guy said we missed our flight! "What??!! Are you kidding me??!! " He said they haven't had sked flights at 1245 in a loong while like 8 years ago! He said that my travel agent was notified but Mr TA never notified me. Now , I was in a panic mode but was able to recoup right away and think of some alternative. So I asked the guy what time is the next flight available but then he had a better suggestion- drive to the Twin Cities and catch our connecting flight since the plane leaves at 345 pm. It's an hour and 45 minute drive so hubs hurriedly stashed our luggages back to the truck while I was still talking to the guy at the counter to make sure our flight is not cancelled. I was glad they were so helpful. I guess they felt sorry for us.

On the drive to the TC, I was a nervous wreck checking the time and praying that no traffic will be ahead of us. I was so glad and thankful when we were all checked in. But what do you know, our flight got delayed for a couple hours due to a busted bulb! Then hubby started getting all whiny about NW's seats and service and said I should have booked for a PAL! Yada, yada, yada! I got pissed off and told him the next time we're going home, it's up to him to book a flight! Thankfully our connecting flight in Narita waited for us!

Finally the long trip is over when I was greeted by the stench and humidity of Manila! I was expecting that some passengers will start clapping like the way it was with PAL when we came home 2 years ago but I was in for a dissapointment. Hubs was the only one who clapped! So, okay next time will take a PAL, even if it will be 3 connecting flights for us.

"Welcome Home!"

Even if it was close to midnight, it was sweltering hot at the NAIA, I just realized that they don't have good airconditioning at the airport. Hmmm, asan kaya napupunta yung ek ek na terminal fee na sinisingil sa mga pasahero tuwing paalis sila??!!

So we proceeded to the carousel and got our bags, thankfully there was not a line to go thru customs, so I was able to pick any counter and so of course I chose the "Express". The lady at the counter was saying something but I couldn't really hear so I kept saying what?! She was wanting to know what was inside our bags, (customs nga eh?!) So I said clothes, and she replies with "Ow, yun lang?talaga?!!" with a smirk to go with it. So I said chocolates, pagkain and she keeps repeating, "yun lang ba talaga?" And without missing a beat she continues, "o di ko na chechekin bags nyo ha, ako, wala ka bang pasalubong sa kin?" I was stumped and speechless and very irritated, mad and dissapointed. And at the same time here comes hubs like an excited 5 year old asking if our passports were rightfully stamped so to satisfy him, I checked and at the same time, madly, I told him in front of this lady's hearing what transpired. And he says, "why,is she related?!" The lady, embarassed and trying to save face from a foreigner shoos us away and keeps saying "go, go, go!!" and hubby innocently says "why no one is behind me?!" It was a funny and irritating moment at the same time. So within earshot, I said it's so dissapointing to be welcomed home in this manner! Next time, that I'll be treated this way, I'll get the person's name and do something about it! Nakakahiya kayo! I think, it's the fault of other balikbayans enabling this customs people by inserting some dollar bills in their passports to have a faster service. Well, they can go ahead and check my bags if they want to! I just don't give away my money for no reason! Bah, pinaghirapan ko pera ko ha! I've heard similar incidents from co-workers but I wasn't expecting it myself!

Now, mad and irritated, I was seeing red! Then here comes Porter 1 asking to push our luggages, nicely I said no, then he persists, and I still say no and he keeps persisting so I became more mad and had to yell no and he leaves. Then comes porter 2, same persistent attitude and same thing happens to him. So they leave us alone, then before we cross and descend thru the exit another guy comes and says we might not be able to push our cart since its going down, yada, yada, yada. I ask hubs if he's able to do it and he said yes but still Porter 3 persists, now I'm boiling with rage and so like the MGM lioness, he heard me growl a no! Poor guys, I know they were just trying to get a tip butvery tired and very mad at the prior incident made me see all these people at the airport just after my money. Hubs was so surprised coz he never saw me that grumpy before! (Hehehe, I guess I've been Ms Manners all along!) Pero, Wow! what a way to be welcomed home!!

To be continued, antok na ko...

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Passport Troubles

In the Pinas, if you are not a government employee, you have to go thru a looonngg line to apply for a passport. It takes a day's worth of your time just to process one BUT when they tell you to get it on this date, it is there. I don't know if it still works that way.
Okay, securing a passport the American way used to be a breeze so my hubby said. It was just that we applied for our baby's passport at a time when everybody wanted to get their passport since the government required all US citizens to have one for air travel to countries like Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Also, it's spring break so college kids and maybe their families want to travel as well, ergo the high demand for passport.
When we applied for a passport, we were told and according to my research that it takes 8 weeks at the MOST to have a passport. I wanted it to be expedited but hubby said, it's okay to wait, we got the time (kuripot kasi). So, I counted the days to the time we were leaving and there was still 2 weeks allowance to the flight date.
Four weeks after, we checked it online and it showed that they had received it. On top of the page in red letters, there was a note saying it is now taking 10 weeks for routine service to be delivered! WTF?! Checked it a week after and it's still saying the same thing. So I tried to call the number and the voice said that if your'e not leaving in 2 weeks time drop the call, honest and a good follower me did that.
Two weeks prior to our flight date, hubby called and they said it needed some signature, yada, yada, yada. In short, it's not yet done. Called again, same response. Anxiety level at this time- 0-1.
One week prior to departure date, they told hubs it was ready for mailing. I called the following day, and got the same response. Jeez, it takes that long to mail it?!! The guy on the phone was typing on his keyboard and told me that he wrote a note to have it be delivered overnight since I told them our departure date is this Friday (actually it's Saturday). He assured me, it going to come before we leave. So I was reassured. Anxiety level 4-5.
Tuesday came, nothing came. Called again and the person said it was just mailed that day. Then he gave me a tracking number and I asked how long does it take for it to arrive anbd he said 3-5 days. WTF?!!! So, I said we might not make it to our flight date and so I asked for alternatives and he said to postpone our flight!!! At that point I wanted to strangle this guy's neck but I took a deep breath and in a condescending tone, I said NOPE! We don't have enough vacation time. (My brainy at the same time said, Hoy Mister! Hinde ako tumatae ng pera para basta basta ipostpone ang aming flight!) I wanted to yell at this guy, for even suggesting that ( but hey, I asked for an alternative right?!) So he then said to call USPS and have it be mailed faster for a fee. Anxiety level- 10!
Told hubby what transpired and he said "I thought they said that it was supposed to be an overnight delivery?" So he called again and the person he talked to said it's an express so it will be here Wednesday.
Wednesday came and the mailman came and no passport came. I called USPS and they said, they cannot upgrade the mail. Grrr!! So hubby called the passport center again and he voiced his frustrations. If that was me talking on the phone, I would have vented my frustrationsand yelled at these people for telling us 2 different things! Anxiety level at this time, 100! with a desire to strangle somebody at the passport center!
So if you need to secure a passport and your'e kuripot, apply a year before your travel date, that way you don't have to worry. The easiest, although more expensive way is have it be expedited but still apply at least 2 months before you leave.
Lesson #1- don't listen to hubby and insist on having it expedited! Lesson #2- be smarter than them! Don't call 2 weeks prior to your exact departure date. Call them a month prior to your flight date and still say your leaving in 2 weeks. Baket? Alam ba nila talaga?! I doubt if they will ask for your ticket number, eh pagsagot na nga lang nila ng telepono it takes 30 minutes of waiting!
NPIC you suck!
Let's see what happens tomorrow! Abangan!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Wow, it's been a while since I've written in here. The past few weeks had been busy and hectic for us. Spring has finally come and so two Saturdays ago, we raked the remaining dead leaves off the yard as well as some browned grass. I tell you, people in this area tend to their lawns seriously. That was a lot of work for us. My MIL came up for a visit so we had some help cleaning the yard and babysitting as well. Then Monday, we went to the Cities and went to the Mall of America. This is the biggest mall in the USA which to me is as big as Megamall. They have rides here in the mall, so hubs and I did some rides. We did the Timberland Twister (which I will NEVER ever ride again!), the Log Chute and the Bump Cars. Hubs, baby and gramma did the Carousel and I took pictures for baby's first official ride. I had fun with the Bump cars the most, probably because I bumped his car more than he bumped mine. Yea, that shows he's the better driver, hehee. We were glad we went on a Monday because there was not a crowd. We had the Bump cars to ourselves so there was more room to maneuver.
We also did the Underwater Adventure which is a giant aquarium that you can walk beneath it. For some reason this was more fun than the one we saw at Mandalay Bay, 2 years ago. Maybe because my MIL was so awed and fascinated with everything like a child that her fascination was contagious.
We also went to Home Depot and finally bought a patio set for our deck. MIL decided to stay until Sunday and hubs and I were so happy to have her longer. Following day, we got on our knees and scrubbed our deck, boy that was tough on my back! But, that was just the start of a busy week for us. Next day after baby went to nap, my MIL and I started the preliminary task of staining our deck. (Hubs was sleeping because he's going to work that night and the following 2 nights as well). Boy, oh, boy, that was harder for our backs to take. Finally, we were able to do the final staining the next day and after a job well done, my MIL and I were both groaning from all the body aches and pains but it was all worth it because hubs was impressed and the deck really looked good. Well, it takes a while to get used to the color hubs chose but it will fade in time.
Then of course, when Friday came it was my turn to work until Sunday, no make that until 630 am of Monday. Monday was devoted to sleeping all day and all night. Today, my body has finally recuperated.
And so that wraps up my boring and mundane activities in the last few weeks. Meanwhile gotta go coz I got tons of dishes to do. Hay, I miss my MIL!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stinking MAD!!

I was going through my stuff from work when I saw this incident report along my next month's schedule and as I was reading the report my blood pressure was soaring higher and higher!! I am so mad that the RN they were referring to was not me!! Yes, she was my patient but it was a case of mistaken identity!! .Heck I was so busy that night that I even missed my lunch! What makes me so mad is that the report didn't put the RN's name to be justly identified making it look like it was me. The phlebotomist ASSUMED that the RN she was talking to was that pt's RN! DUH!! Well, this phlebotomist is so stupid that as per the report she wrote- "RN instructed her to break laboratory policy "-and she went ahead and do it??? And as an end result of all of these it made my night busier because the result came out ABNORMAL and I had to treat the patient for it and call the doctor and notify her about it!! And on top of that I had to call the lab and INVESTIGATE how in the world did the result come out so freakin high when all her previous levels were within the normal range!! And lo and behold that's when I found out it was drawn above the IV line!!
Ang nakakainis pa busy na nga ko sa pasyente na to dahil sa puso nya, dinagdagan pa ang trabaho ko, tapos makakakuha pako ng incident report at love note na di ko daw chinart ang mga abnormal na results!! Okay lang yung love note matatake ko, kasi kahit diko chinart sa gusto nilang paraan, ginawa ko naman. Ang kasabihan nila dito eh, pag hindi mo sinulat, di mo ginawa! Bwiset ako kasi , sumusunod ako sa mga policies at perfectionist ako sa trabaho ko, tapos eto??!!!
Nakakainis gusto ko sakalin yung leeg nung nars na kinausap at nung kumuha ng dugo!! Pareho silang engot!! Marami ang bagong nars sa departamento namin at kulang sila sa experience, ang inis ko lang bakit di nya sinabi sa kin na kinausap sya nung taga lab at kinuhanan ng dugo yung pasyente ko!! At kasi naman etong pasyente na to hindi pwedeng kuhanan ng dugo sa kanang kamay dahil bawal kaya lahat ng turok sa kaliwang kamay! Para patunay na engot yung kumuha ng dugo, bakit di sya nag- isip na bakit tumatawag nung nurse sa lab at tinatanong kung saan parte kinuha yung dugo, eh sabi sa kanya oks lang kahit saan wag lang sa parehong ugat? Bakit, di sya nag- isip na hmmmm, sino yung nakausap ko nung kinuhanan ko ng dugo yung pasyente? Di vah??
Hay naku, dito muna ako magrelease ng galit kasi off nung supervisor ko kaya di ako makapagdakdak ng sama ng loob kaagad! Bwiset ako at di ko to napansin last week pagkagaling ko ng trabaho! Kakainiiiiissss!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Trip to the boondocks

Finally, I was able to find a travel agent and a flight schedule that fits with travelling with a year old! And this agent was all the way from Phoenix!! All the travel agents here gave me such outrageous quotations!! Mama mia!! Pilipinas, here I come this May!!
Now my worry is travelling with a year old. I bought her a ticket and we'll be lugging her car seat all the way from our local airport to Minneapolis then to Narita and finally Manila! Good thing we were able to get a direct flight going back! I've searched the internet on tips on what to bring and how to entertain your kid on a long flight but my worry is still there. Here are some of what the moms advised:
~bring lots of toys, preferably, small toys and those that she hasn't seen yet. (hay, mukhang isang bag puno ng toys ah!)
~pack snacks in ziploc bags. (sana hindi sya magsawa)
~pack a change of clothes for the baby and an extra shirt for mommy/daddy. (oo nga naman, akala ni baby minsan lahat bib nya!)
~pack some books as well. (nakupo, mukhang isang bag na naman to!)
Pero eto di nila sinabi- don't forget to pack a bottle of Benadryl! O ha! E pano pag lahat ng above choices, di umubra?
Anybody, has a better advise?